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wdt_IDNameTypeCostsWebsiteEmailLocationSocial MediaNotesLast edit
5BWTechnicalHardware0,00USAuction16/05/2021 15:07
6thenewlayerHardware75,00https://www.reddit.com/user/thenewlayerEU16/05/2021 15:07
7Chiaplotting.servicesCloud20,00https://www.chiaplotting.services/AU16/05/2021 15:07
8Chia PlotsHardware6,00https://chia-plots.com/EU16/05/2021 15:07
9u/aseyhowellHardware0,00https://www.reddit.com/user/aseyhowellUK16/05/2021 15:07
10kiwihaitchHardware27,00https://keybase.io/kiwihaitchUS16/05/2021 15:07
11Chia CanadaCloud20,00https://chiacanada.com/CA16/05/2021 15:07
12ChiaPlot.CloudHardware4,00https://www.chiaplot.cloud/DE16/05/2021 15:07
13Outsmartin TechnologyHardware25,00https://outsmartin.com/projects/cryptocurrency-chia/CA16/05/2021 15:07
14Firebug’s Flight ShopHardware20,00US16/05/2021 15:07
NameTypeCostsLocationLast edit

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